The National Landlords’ Association

With over 41,000 members, The National Landlords’ Association is the largest membership organisation in the UK for private landlords. If you’re already a landlord or you’re potentially interested in becoming one, joining the NLA can help you navigate a potential minefield of red tape.

Considering there are more than 400 sets of regulations and 100 Acts of Parliament governing the private rental sector, the NLA is a useful ally for landlords. Calling itself The Knowledge Network, it provides comprehensive learning resources, online products and services.


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What does the NLA do?

The organisation represents members’ interests and seeks a fair environment for both landlords and tenants in terms of adhering to legal and regulatory requirements.

Their aim is to achieve a fair and balanced private rental sector, representing members at local, national and European levels, lobbying to influence policy making through the government and other relevant bodies. Publicising its work through press articles, the NLA makes landlords, tenants and the wider public aware of the latest updates.

The only requirement for joining the NLA is that you own at least one rented property. Whether you rent out one small property as a pension investment, a couple of houses, or a larger letting portfolio including HMOs and student accommodation, you can become a member.

Offering support and advice on how you can get the most out of your business, the NLA provides the backing of a large body, and you can network with fellow members, who are like-minded people with a wealth of experience.


How can the NLA help someone who is a landlord?

In modern times more than ever before, landlords must have a professional attitude towards their business, especially when it comes to the huge plethora of regulations. As well as the support offered by the NLA and its members, the organisation works with various other partners to provide further products and services. As these services are available through the NLA, they are fully vetted before being offered to members, assuring they are reliable, trustworthy and ready to use.

Being a member will also enhance your credibility as a landlord, and you will be kept up to date with the latest legislative changes and other information. Whatever the size of your portfolio, landlords all face the same legal and regulatory challenges. It can be very costly if you make an error because you don’t fully understand the regulations.

The NLA also challenges what it calls the “unfair” negative stereotyping of landlords, suggesting they can be a “socially-conscious” member of society, as well as making money out of their business.

Other areas that have the backing of the NLA are the hidden issues that landlords face, such as how to deal with cases of domestic violence and landlords’ mental health. It looks into issues that may not have been brought to the wider public’s attention by the media.


What has the association achieved over the years?

Since the NLA was launched in 1993, it has successfully achieved many benefits for its members, including providing training and courses, so landlords can keep up to date with the most recent legislation, practices and procedures.

It has also arranged for landlords to receive special discounts on products such as insurance, while producing its own magazine containing relevant articles and useful tips and advice. It has campaigned and lobbied on behalf of landlords to ensure any new legislation is “landlord-friendly”.

Although it’s not a legal requirement to join an association, the NLA recommends every landlord should consider the benefits of signing up.

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