Mixing the Old with the New

At one time, mixing old and new in your interior design was something the experts wouldn’t recommend, but today, there are no taboos surrounding mixing different periods and styles, so a combination of antique and modern furniture is something to be embraced.

Mixing old and new products can make your home’s interior interesting, giving the impression that it has been assembled over time. Seamlessly blending contemporary with antique furniture can create a stylish vintage look, with all the modern home comforts.

If you’re planning to redesign your interior, make sure you plan your vision before buying new furniture and accessories, considering the colour, style and room layout. It’s important to create the right balance.

Old and New

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Just about any kind of home will benefit from mixing it up. You may have a house with Victorian features, but prefer more modern furniture. Perhaps you have a new house, but fancy introducing some Regency splendour?

Using heritage paint colours can bridge both contemporary and traditional styles without looking dated. The theme can be suitable for living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms, if done properly.

When mixing old and new, there will be plenty of interesting individual elements, so you don’t need to use dramatic colours on your walls. A neutral palette is often the most successful backdrop, allowing the pieces within the room to do all the talking.

It’s useful to remember that using “worn” and aged pieces can make any room look beautiful – but having too many can create the impression of a junk shop, rather than the elegance you’re aiming to create, so don’t go overboard on the “shabby chic” look.

Want some tips? Well, read on…



Create a traditional, cosy, country kitchen by installing an AGA cooker and complementing units on each side, adding a selection of copper pans hanging up on the wall. A traditional wooden table with matching chairs or a bench can create a minimal and fresh effect.

Some collections, such as copper saucepans and wooden breadboards, need a kitchen setting where they can be displayed to full effect. A more contemporary touch could be a display of blue and white ceramics showcased behind glass.

Mix new cabinets with vintage elements, taking your cue from the architecture. For example, if you have exposed brickwork, pick up some reclaimed wooden shelves to complement the aesthetics. New cabinets and cupboards in toning colours will provide plenty of storage space.


Living room

If you’ve bought an older house, creating a comfortable living room is one of the first jobs you should do, as you’ll probably be spending most of your time in there.

Focus on making sure the plasterwork, cornicing and dado are restored to a good state of repair. Try adding an elegant wooden floor in an unusual herringbone pattern. You can achieve this by installing the wooden blocks at an angle of 60 degrees, rather than the usual 45 degrees.

Try a neutral colour for the walls, such as sand-coloured hessian-effect paint, to provide a tranquil ambience. Complete the look with a couple of modern sofas on either side of the chimney breast. For a cosier feel, a wood-burning stove might be nice instead of the original fire.

Add a bespoke rug, antique pots, a classic round rosewood table, vintage lights and even an antique chandelier to perfect the mix of old and new.



When decorating your bedroom, “traditional” refers to a design that is anchored in the past, but this doesn’t mean it’s dated or boring. By mixing traditional elements with contemporary items, you can embrace classic design and add rich colour schemes to create a comfortable vibe.

It’s a misconception to believe a traditional palette must be dark and heavy. If you have a wooden-framed bed and matching cupboards and dressing table, add touches of colour and vibrancy with bright window frames, colourful bedding, interesting artwork and small items of furniture.

Add a funky chair in the corner of the bedroom, have a selection of contemporary paintings on one wall, put a modern touch-light on the bedside table, or try a brightly coloured throw on the bed. Show off your personality by having classic furniture enhanced with bold accessories that reflect everything you love most.



Modern bathroom design can sometimes leave the room looking like a futuristic science lab, rather than a welcoming, relaxing space.  To add a touch of the traditional to the modern bathroom, the classical fittings that used to be popular are now making a comeback.

In the 21st century, discreet buttons have taken the place of toilet handles, while cisterns have been buried in the wall and square baths have become more popular, but some bathrooms have been pared back so much that they can seem cold and unfriendly.

This has led to something of a counter-revolution in bathroom design, which has manifested itself in a resurgence of classically-designed baths, toilets, cisterns and showers, taking their inspiration from the past.

You can still mix the old with the new by having traditional fittings, but adding modern tiling and floor surfaces, with contemporary cabinets and cupboards, can create an interesting look.

A checkerboard floor can look timeless, yet modern. Try a stone-topped vanity unit, or install a modern bathroom suite, but with traditional touches, such as wooden shutters over diamond-glazed windows.

The choice of how you mix the old with the new in every area of your home is entirely down to personal choice. With plenty of planning, you’ll learn how to seamlessly mix décor styles to create the desired effect.

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