Inviting Nature into your Home

The latest trend for eco-friendly interior design means inviting nature into your home. Decorating in a style that uses natural materials, creative decorations, handmade accents and neutral or rustic colours makes your home look and feel relaxing, while inviting a little of the outside in.

As well as being aesthetically pleasing, supporters of “green” interiors say it’s a healthier environment, which in turn creates a more pleasant mood. A survey by the Wood Window Alliance revealed 49% of respondents said they preferred to be surrounded by natural materials in their home.

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Natural materials

Popular natural materials and accessories include bark, pine cones, acorns, leaves, berries, seashells, pebbles, ceramics, stone, natural fibres and reclaimed wood and glass.

Every item that you make at home is completely unique. It can still look sophisticated, even though it’s homemade from natural materials. If you’re looking for sustainable materials, think bamboo when it comes to designing unique lighting or room dividers.

Felt, wool and feathers are beautiful craft materials for showing off your creative skills. Natural materials have interesting textures and will bring relaxing, interesting colours into your interior design scheme. Think of this approach as adding your signature to your home decor.

Try adding a unique table centrepiece, a rustic coffee table or chair, wooden bookshelves, or an ornately carved wooden mirror frame, to create a natural touch.


Top tips

Some top tips for unusual items include using flat, smooth pebbles as coasters for a unique and modern kitchen accessory, or try making a table centrepiece from birch branches. Handmade planters can be crafted to your personal taste by painting them or adding decorative stones, shells or other ornaments.

Many of the designs can be used for multipurpose items to establish a theme in your home. For example, an ornament crafted from twisted wooden branches can complement pictures in wooden frames with the same design – and if you’re feeling ambitious, have the bannister rail and balustrades of your staircase crafted from the same type of wood.

If you’re using a flat pebbled theme, they could be secured under reclaimed glass for a tabletop, fixed into a wooden frame for a piece of contemporary artwork, or cemented together to make a unique mirror frame.


Pot plants

When you want to literally invite nature into your home, invest in some mature pot plants. You can buy some amazing tall plants such as bamboo, yucca, palm trees and many more. Complement the pot plants with dried flowers and ferns in customised vases.

Unique handmade home decorations are great for the person who has everything, as no two items are the same. Let your imagination run wild and create living spaces with personality!

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