Holiday Homes: How to Create the Perfect Home from Home

Creating the perfect set up for holiday homes takes a great deal of thought and planning in order to make them an idyllic destination. It’s important to create perfection, not only to ensure your guests enjoy every moment of their stay, but also to encourage them to leave positive feedback and an all-important 5* review.

One of the key factors when it comes to creating a holiday home is ensuring you understand the audience you’re trying to attract. Decide whether the home is going to be for couples, families, friends, or parties and complete some market research to make sure you’re targeting the correct demographic.

Holiday home furniture


Blank canvas

Choosing, decorating and furnishing the property means making the most of the location and space available. The house is very much a blank canvas and making a great job of fixing it up is the key to your success. Designing your décor can make a big difference when it comes to increasing bookings.

In the 21st century, online reviews have become the norm, not only for holiday accommodation but also for just about everything consumer-related. If your holiday property receives positive reviews, this is a far better advert than anything you could pay for.



An important factor when choosing a holiday home is whether it’s in a place that people will wish to visit. You should feel inspired by the local area, as this is often the main reason why people will be coming to stay.

If you’re providing a romantic cottage for two, the guests’ needs will be different from those of a family, or a party of hikers, for example. Consider your target market and whether the amenities they’re expecting are convenient in relation to your property.

Perhaps you’re aiming for couples who are looking for a get-away-from-it-all break in a cosy cottage. However, they may not wish to be totally cut off from the rest of the world, so is there a local hamlet within easy distance, where they can dine out, or visit a rural pub?

If you’re catering for families, are there any child-friendly activities nearby, such as an adventure playground, a petting zoo, swimming baths, or other amenities for kids? When you’re expecting hikers or cyclists, are you near a trail or cycle path?


Furniture and decoration

Strike a happy medium between creating homely surroundings for your guests, while still ensuring it has the atmosphere of a holiday home. The furniture shouldn’t be too bland and uniform, as visitors will feel like they’ve stepped into the pages of a catalogue.

Keep it interesting, but don’t go over the top with personal touches of your own. Many owners can’t wait to start decorating and furnishing the property, but some end up cluttering the place with fussy ornaments, artwork and accessories.

While it’s fun to create a perfect haven, don’t get carried away with the décor. Once you’ve chosen a theme for the furniture, whether it’s classic, contemporary, vintage or minimalist, opt for functional and aesthetically pleasing items.

Don’t overdo it with bright, jazzy throws or rugs. Stick to colour schemes that are calming and relaxing. Try to be practical and consider the longevity of your décor and furnishings. If your holiday cottage is in a rural area and the guests are likely to enjoy outdoor pursuits, cream carpets are not the best option!


Providing necessities

Make sure the guests have enough storage space, such as wardrobes, drawers and cupboards. There’s nothing worse than having to live out of a suitcase because the space to store your garments is inadequate.

Don’t overlook the necessities, such as a kitchen stocked with modern appliances, to make their stay as comfortable as possible. As well as providing the basics, like a kettle, toaster, cooker and fridge-freezer, add a microwave oven and a washing machine.

You can also supply toiletries, tea, coffee and biscuits as a friendly touch. This will be particularly welcome if the guests are arriving after a long journey. The first thing that many people do on holiday is pop the kettle on.



It’s common sense to make sure that the holiday home is clean, but always go the extra mile. Make sure every area of the house is scrupulously clean before the next guests arrive.

We’ve all seen those fly-on-the-wall documentaries, when hotel guests check under the bed, or up the side of a chest of drawers, and find a layer of dust: a lot of people really will do this! No holiday homeowner wants a reputation for having a dirty property, especially if a disgruntled guest is going to say this in a review.

Don’t give anyone cause for complaint. Make sure the bath, shower and sinks are spotless – and if you have shower curtains, always look out for even the smallest sign of black mould spots appearing on the edges and buy new ones immediately.


Using feedback

The best way of finding out whether your venture is a success is by reading customer feedback. You could leave a comments book, or encourage guests to leave online reviews. Take notice of the feedback, as it may alert you to the fact you need a new bed, or a more comfortable settee, for example.

Positive feedback will make a difference to your bookings. Even negative feedback isn’t the end of the world, as long as you publicly follow it up and do something about it, as this shows prospective guests that you care about their opinions and making them comfortable.

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