Furniture that takes the Starring Role!

While it’s generally the characters in television shows that make them memorable, there’s no denying that the settings can also make a huge impact. We regularly welcome all sorts of characters into our living rooms, with our sofas being a common denominator in our television viewing habits. For many shows, furniture is just as important to the characters as it is for us at home. To prove our point, we’ve rounded up some of the most famous furniture in television history…


The Big Brother diary room chair

The diary room is an integral part of every series of Big Brother: it’s a room where nominations, rants, tears, gossip and more happen. Every year, there’s a chair – often luxuriously upholstered – that’s the focal point of the room, where contestants curl up while they’re talking to Big Brother. The chair’s design changes regularly, from the purple shell shape from Big Brother 6 to the twee floral design of 2017 but its symbolism never changes.


The swivel chairs from The Voice

What would talent show The Voice be without its famous swivel chairs, which give its judging approach a unique twist? The first stage of the televised show is blind auditions, where the judges face away from the contestants while they perform. If they like what they hear, they press a button to turn their iconic red chairs around to see the contestant, thus showing their interest in working with them.


Mastermind’s interrogation chair

With a somewhat ominous look that in itself instils a certain trepidation, the Mastermind chair is illuminated by a single spotlight and introduced by atmospheric music. The ominous feel isn’t surprising when you learn that the inspiration behind the chair came from the interrogations that show creator Bill Wright had to face as a WW2 prisoner of war. Want to buy your own? It’s an Eames Soft Pad Lounge Chair – replicas are readily available.


The Top Gear sofa

The original Top Gear line-up sadly no longer graces our screens, but regular viewers will doubtless remember the show’s iconic green leather sofa. It’s certainly unique, with its green leather upholstery, metal frame and even headrests…and unsurprisingly, there’s a motoring connection. The sofa is actually one of a kind, made from old leather car seats – rumoured to be from a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow.


The Simpsons’ couch

Have you ever seen an episode of The Simpsons where the couch doesn’t feature? We thought not! Starring in the opening credits and throughout the show, its status as an iconic piece of TV furniture isn’t up for debate – it’s appeared in over 600 episodes of the show. Now that’s impressive!


While it’s unlikely that most of us will have furniture in our homes that will become famous, there are many pieces that will become focal points. Choosing the right furniture can make a house into a home, so if you’re looking for an easy and convenient way to furnish apartment blocks, student rooms or HMOs in style, talk to us at Furniture Pack Solutions. Our top-quality furniture packs include everything you will need for immediate occupation. Contact us to find out more.

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