Furniture Essentials for Christmas

When you’re preparing for Christmas, buying gifts, stocking up with festive foods and organising Christmas dinner and parties, it can be easy to overlook one very important aspect of the festive season but please – don’t forget the furniture!

This may seem like a very odd thing to say, as you’re probably looking around the room thinking, “But I already have plenty of furniture!”… but do you have the right furniture?


The correct furniture can make or break your festive gatherings! Imagine the scene on Christmas Day, when the dinner is cooked to perfection and the relatives have arrived – you’ve just thrown another log on the crackling fire, then, to your dismay, you realise you’re a couple of chairs short!

Who’s the unlucky dinner guest who’ll be perched on a deckchair from the garage? Will someone be relegated to a TV dinner on a tray in the lounge, because your dining table’s too small?

When you’re settling down to watch the Queen’s speech after Christmas dinner, will someone be sitting on cushions on the floor, because your settee and chairs are full?

Last Christmas, around 7.6 million viewers watched the Queen’s speech on BBC1, ITV and Sky News and it was the most watched programme over the festive season – so make sure everyone in your home can enjoy it in comfort!

There are certain items that take on a new importance over Christmas and without them, your festive break just won’t be the same.


  1. Bed

It may seem obvious, but having a super-comfy bed is absolutely vital at Christmas… you’re gonna need all the sleep you can get!

When you’re trying to put excitable children to bed, make sure they have the kind of bed that will get them off to sleep in an instant.

Similarly, when you’ve spent Christmas Eve preparing the dinner and wrapping presents, the last thing you want is an old, lumpy bed. If you’ve been meaning to replace your bed or mattress for a while, now could be the ideal time. Sleeping in a comfortable bed can make all the difference to how you feel over the festive period.

To be honest, if you have young children, you are likely to be up by 5.30am anyway!


  1. Chairs

Plan in advance how many chairs you are likely to need. This includes dining chairs so that everyone can sit comfortably around the table together, and comfy chairs so that afterwards, they can relax and digest their Christmas dinner.

Arrange your chairs in the lounge in a circular formation, so that no-one feels left out when you’re watching TV, playing games and taking part in the festive activities you have planned.


  1. Dining table

As the hub of festive cheer, feast in style and pull a cracker from a Christmas table complete with all the trimmings.

There are some fabulous dining table designs around, such as a drop-leaf table, which can accommodate extra diners on Christmas Day and then fold down to save space after the festivities are over… or straight after dinner if you like. Then you’ll have plenty of space for a family game of Twister!


  1. TV stand

When you’re watching all the best Christmas TV shows, ensure you have a television stand that enables you to position your set so that everyone can get a great view. Choose one that will do justice to your widescreen television – you can buy cabinets that will support TVs that are up to 90 inches wide!

If you’re short on space or you’d prefer to have the television in an elevated position so that everyone has a good view, a wall bracket may be the answer for your flat screen TV.

Around 32.4 million people in the UK play computer games, and the chances are, someone in your family is a games console enthusiast, so you might even need some extra storage space – cos I expect Santa will bring some new games if they’ve been good!


  1. Sofa

Let’s be honest, by about 3pm everyone’s ready for a good nap in front of the TV – we’ve all seen the same old films that are repeated year after year anyway!

On the other hand, you never know who might pop round to raid your Christmas drinks cabinet – anyone could arrive unexpectedly!

Whether you want to watch TV, entertain loved ones, play party games or let the kids show you their new games and toys, a sofa is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the festivities… cheers!

Gower Furniture Pack

Don’t get caught out by forgetting about the furniture this Christmas! Furniture Pack Solutions offers an exclusive range of high-quality furniture to purchase in time for Christmas… perhaps someone would like something from Santa!

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