The Five Funniest Sitcom Sofa Moments

The sofa is an important part of any home, being a comfy spot where we spend a great deal of our downtime. It’s hardly surprising that the sofa plays a key role in many of our great TV sitcoms too – where some of the greatest comedy magic happens.

With that in mind, we’ve pulled together our top five funniest sitcom sofa moments, along with the video clips for you to enjoy…can you think of any you would like us to add to the list?


Sofa theft in Friends

We were always amazed at how the Friends cast managed to secure the iconic orange sofa in Central Perk as their own spot, even when the place was heaving with customers, but when Ross and Chandler encounter a pair of bullies in the episode, “The One With The Bullies”, their claim to the sofa turned into a gag that ran throughout the entire episode.


Alan Partridge falls off his sofa

What happens when you’re struggling to see the person you’re talking to across a makeshift coffee table, in a house that’s currently a building site? For Alan Partridge in “The Colour Of Alan”, the solution is to sit on the back of the sofa…which promptly tips backwards!


Hoover karaoke in Miranda

Miranda isn’t known for being lucky in love but what she really wants is someone to snuggle up with on the sofa – someone who’s happy to watch what she wants to watch on TV and someone who’s happy to enjoy a spot of karaoke in the evenings without complaining. In episode two of the very first series, that is where Gary comes in… Gary the Hoover!


Marshall’s special board game in How I Met Your Mother

Marshall in How I Met Your Mother is known for creating some weird and wonderful board games – like Marshgammon, which he says combines all the best bits of all the best board games. When Ted’s new girlfriend Victoria appears on the scene, it’s no surprise that the board game comes out and the gang sits around the sofa to play. However, it quickly becomes clear that the aim is to interrogate Victoria about her dating history and to cause as much embarrassment as possible…


Only Fools and Horses – Uncle Albert and the lion

It’s storytelling time in this episode of Only Fools and Horses, with Uncle Albert regaling Del and Raquel with a tale of the time when he met a lion in the jungle. The pair are trying their best to stay awake – but they jump when Albert does his finest lion impression. That in itself is funny enough but it’s what happens next that’s the real comedy gold…


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